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What are you seeing and hearing in your business?

Do you ever sense that some staff seem to be reluctant to get on the phone or meet

customers face to face? Do you sometimes see a lack of social confidence in meetings? 

Have you noticed that situations can escalate when difficult subjects need to be discussed

due to poor communication? You are not alone! these are not symptoms of poor management,

they are a Sign of the Times!

As explained elsewhere on this site, verbal communications in particular have become rusty,

but it’s really tricky to coach your staff as well as run the company or department.

Misunderstandings caused by unconfident communication can be very distracting and

time consuming and you can end up fire fighting, or feel somewhat exhausted. This is an

area of skill development which can be effectively and successfully delegated, and

delivered in house to ensure it is consistent with your company culture and values.

This also means that potentially sensitive corporate information disclosed when problems

are inevitably discussed is also kept private. The conversation which starts 'well this keeps

happening for me, what would you suggest?' is a very real and beneficial aspect of this style

of training. There is the briefest reliance on 'theory', it is all related immediately to the job.

Effective communication is my speciality, it is something which fascinates and excites me and for the last 30 years I have been training, coaching and consulting within businesses all over the UK, in the commercial world as well as more recently the voluntary sector. I have gained an overview of the use of social media to complement the ‘old skool’ interpersonal skills. Both are equally valid and both need to be present at a high level of competence and comprehension to make the most of the opportunities they present, if your company is to continue to flourish.

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