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"I wanted to thank you for your continuous support and guidance throughout the programme. 


I’ve really appreciated our meaningful discussions from product materials, social media, logo designs to funding applications and my product pitch. Your honesty and constructive feedback enabled me gain clarity and take better decisions.


You have been incredibly generous with your time and energy, there have been no issues regarding your availability. Truly grateful for our sessions, which not only added value to the business but also encouraged and motivated me to keep going and believing in myself. " Arti Ambre

“Honestly it’s like you flicked a switch in my head, business stuff doesn’t stress me anymore. Crazy” G.O.

“I don’t think you realise how much you have done for my personal confidence and self of security as both a person and a business woman. I feel like I’ve matured throughout the process and all my business related anxieties have calmed so much throughout your mentoring. I truly am incredibly grateful and so lucky that the university paired us together”.  Grace Overington GO Design Services LTD

“We had a great 50 minute session and I came off the call feeling both exhilarated and excited about some ideas and proposals around my business and next steps.

It was so good to be able to connect with someone who had the experience and wisdom of having run her own business for many years and to be able to bounce off ideas and suggestions.


Quite frankly, we could have spoken for another hour ! I am very much looking forward to continuing with the mentorship.” N. H.

“I just wanted to let you know that Helen and I have now had two short sessions which have been great thank you so much for introducing us, I am excited about working with her. I really appreciate you introducing us” Talia Zamora

“My mentor Helen has been fantastic in supporting me through the journey. She helps me to open my eyes to new opportunities, which I really needed.”

Stefanie Schidlowski

“I’ve just had a chat with Helen, she’s amazing and love her already!” Charlotte Williams

“We're progressing well with our business so far and Helen has been a big help in getting us to some important milestones with her experience in marketing and coaching.” Kushal Patel

“I am thrilled to be matched with mentor Helen Froggett-Thomson from Her experience and guidance will push my art into a new realm.” Amy Pettingill

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"Helen came in to mentor me post Covid when my business was drastically affected and hope of a come back was slowly dying away.

Firstly, her calm approach is a major boost in making me believe everything will be okay.

Secondly, she listened to projects I have and in each session come up with business models that are suitable for each.

Lastly, the company, through her support and encouragement is in the process of securing a few new contracts.

I can't thank Helen enough for her empathy, keen listening, encouragements, support and rich expertise.
I am extremely grateful and this doesn't go anywhere near explaining the full extent of what she has done."

Diana Badia.

“Helen has been a real help with focussing us.


She’s given me that accountability for the ideas I’ve said I want to do, pushing me to take it from wanting to do them to then going and doing them.” Katt Weaver

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“I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the mentoring but on the first phone call could see how this was going to help. A fresh pair of eyes and ears to help me see what we were doing and how we could make more of our business became evident straight away.

Everything became clear for me.

Also Helen’s approach was friendly and supportive but she didn’t beat about the bush.


There were some aspects which she drew attention to which to be honest, I had been avoiding dealing with. She has walked me through how I could approach these issues and made me accountable for my business and I now feel much more focused  and really excited about the future.


I was asked to give feedback on the mentoring recently and found myself saying ‘I’m not sure why I’ve never had a mentor before’! Shamele Cato

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