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Telephone Sales and Cold Calling

You could argue that there’s nothing revolutionary about sales and marketing training. It’s as old as the hills and essentially follows the same path – getting round gate keepers, handling rejection at every point of contact, dealing with objections, client indifference and closing (or not) opportunities to convert.

Let me help your sales people learn to love selling!

In one day I can transform their view of their role and show them how selling CAN be done with compassion. Email me on to discuss this.


The delivery and the subtleties of the course content for selling can vary. As can the approach of the trainer. My training focuses on ‘soft selling’ – cold calling was my most popular course historically, and the skills are just as relevant today. I do not encourage people to use a script, preferring them to use their brain, get off ‘auto pilot’ and ‘free wheel’ the conversation – did I say conversation?


Surely a sales call is usually more akin to a monologue punctuated by the prospect trying to get rid of the caller? Not this way. Not the way I approach it. And the method I use for training means that everyone can find out exactly how to do it, because they can discuss the blocks they see and go into detail about exactly how you deal with each tricky element, which starts way before the prospect says wearily ‘ok you’ve got 30 seconds’ if you are lucky – or ‘no we’re not interested we’ve got a preferred supplier list’, which is the classic type of response.

There are ways to handle these objections which the person you’ve called might not be expecting, in a logical tried and tested way that focuses on human needs, the connection between two people who are listening to each other and not being bombarded with information.


If you then add into the mix the marketing opportunities presented by the correct use of social media, how to engage with people you could only dared to dream of having a dialogue with, handles any problems with finesse, attract free promotion from newspaper and magazine features you’ve got a set of skills which will mean you can attract, convert and retain key customers, increasing their personal brand loyalty for your business on a day to day basis. Everyone wins. Your staff make an impact and get something to feel good about every day, the company gets results quicker than the competition with your excellent customer service and retention skills.

I can provide bolt on sessions which include all the elements above.

Some of the elements might be more important for your business than others. As with everything I do, it’s tailored to your needs, so we can see what issues you've noticed and discuss the outcomes you need to see from the training and go from there.

To find out more about the delivery method and how I work, please click here 

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