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Back in the day it was not unusual for people to ask for a course about 

‘How to talk so people listen’? now it’s perhaps more appropriate to run

one on ‘How to listen so people talk’! Does that resonate? Excessive use

of social media and email have eroded the confidence of many when it

comes to face to face, or even phone conversations. Exasperation and a

slight irritation do not good bedfellows make, especially when attitudinal

changes and behaviour upgrades are what’s needed. Let me help you

complete the skill set regarding the essential communication and

interpersonal skills your people need, simply and painlessly, so that

they can help your business do what it says on the tin. First time every time.

Training your new employees soon after they join you will enhance their time with you, perhaps even encourage them to be more committed and loyal as they will fit in better, quicker, feel more productive and impactful and, this element will be appreciated by them, it will also have a positive knock on effect in their personal lives.


In fact, proper listening, non aggressive questioning and empathy building refresher training doesn’t go amiss across an organisation from time to time – it’s easy to get out of the habit of making the effort, so small group workshops and refreshers, especially inter departmental, can increase communication, productivity targets, company pride and motivation across the whole business.

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