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Here's some press where I am mentioned in connection with the mentor scheme

Delighted to have had this article about trying to bring up confident children published in Sofya and Co Magazine. It's a bi monthly  and you can check out past issues here

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2020-04-16 (2).png
Comet 3rd piece on ten tips for staying

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Comet WFH with kids.png
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Delighted to be finalist in Best Employment Service for Biz4Biz awards 2018 and Shortlisted in 2020 for Best Employment Service and Business Support Service of the year.


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The Listing Family part 1 square.JPG
The Listing Family part 2.JPG
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Embody double page.jpg
Sticks the trouble with you.JPG
Laws of abundance The Listing.JPG
2019-09-05 (5).png

Absolutely thrilled that the interview below was awarded Best Individual Show on Shoreditch

Radio! Massive thanks to Rebecca Davi for inviting me to talk about communication issues and managing Millenials on her November 2017 show. 

If you click on the image above, you'll hear the audio from the award winning show! This section includes an introduction by Rebecca and the issues about Millennials and their management, potential conflicts plus the reasons and possible solutions.

The award which changed everything!

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