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It's all about the brand. Don't glaze over. This is a vital short read.

Are you wasting hard earned sales or marketing


Are you inadvertently throwing away chances to build your business or increase your reach?

It’s not just all about your brilliant idea. And I don’t mean that sarcastically.

Many brilliant ideas have gone by the wayside because the branding has not been thought through. And you don’t need a degree in marketing to do this.

You just need to have a think about some elements which will have a massive impact.

‘What’s the scheme called?’
‘Can I please have some images to accompany a feature about it?’

These are standard questions from anyone who is helping you get the word out about your new business or project. And by helping you I mean perhaps giving you some free PR.

But how many of us think of these elements before we’re asked?

Here’s a couple of pointers below to help you.

1. Visuals are vital. Strong visuals which are eye catching and accurately reflect your brand are critical. Without them you are not going to be noticed in the sea that is social media or in a print medium. Have a look at Unsplash or Canva for free images you could use. Or get in touch with an arty friend. Or make your own if you are that way inclined.

2. What’s the project name? A strong easy to remember brand or project name is also essential – if someone is going to mention you or refer your service to someone else they need something snappy, catchy and logical, something easy to remember, straight forward to type with no weird spelling.

And it needs to be used consistently.

It also needs to be searchable/findable as a unique phrase online, ideally as that’s the first thing someone is going to do, on hearing about your new service/product - put it into their search engine of choice.

So if it turns up in the search, great. If not, what a waste of time and effort for you and the person who was trying to help you! You can make sure it turns up by creating a digital footprint initially created by your website, perhaps a blog post with the correct brand name url, which is then amplified by your PR and marketing. Get in touch for some free tips on getting free PR.

3. What is your font? At the very least, if for some reason you can’t create or source visuals you need to have a type face and as important, print colour for the project name which can be shared for instant recognition across your platforms.

Choosing a font (search for free fonts to have your mind blown) is a task in itself. A very important one. You will know when you’ve found the right one. Or show a friend or two/someone you trust your top three preferences and see what appeals.

4. Being good isn’t enough. Your idea or project might be spot on and well organised. It may even have specific measurable outcomes which will reassure people and also some quotes from happy users. But if it’s not got a strong brand which can be shared online and in print, you are on a hiding to nothing.

This piece is an accompaniment to the ‘it’s all about the name’ piece. So hopefully you’re happy with the name and ideally the ‘slogan’, ‘explanatory phrase’ or sub heading you’ve chosen. Please get in touch if you can’t find that blog post.

You might have been running a business already but perhaps you’ve got a new scheme or service, product or project to offer your potential and current customers. And getting social media shares, LinkedIn shares or press and blog mentions is going to help boost your reputation and exposure.

I urge you to have a good think before you leap into full on promotion. Time spent now will reap dividends.

So do yourself a favour and please create some images/art/photos, a logo or at the very least a type face for the project name, a colour it can be associated with and a title before you start telling the world about your brilliant idea. It will mean you are able to capitalise on any and every opportunity which come your way.

If you have any questions about this, please get in touch via email

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