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Overview of Process

Why - sometimes it’s easier for someone who has no history within your company

to reinforce a message you’ve been banging on about since time immemorial!

Perhaps there are stumbling blocks which I can uncover which allow your people

to become unstuck. It’s something I’ve excelled at all my life and something

I am keen to return to now.

What – tailored in house training designed to address the changes of behaviour

you need, delivered in small groups of up to four people, with pre course contact

with delegates and post course follow up

How – I provide training manuals which are completed during the session. It’s a

conversational training style which is low on theory and high on practical examples

and discussion of real life issues contributed by those on the course.

Where - delivered in a small meeting room, usually on your company premises

Who – the people who benefit most from my sessions are those who have a

requirement for excellent verbal communication with customers, both internal

and external. Yes, so everyone… but the areas I tend to be invited in to focus on

initially are usually Effective Verbal Communication, Leadership Skills,

Customer Service and Soft Selling Telephone Sales. So essentially anyone

who wants to build better business relationships.

The good news is that awareness and discussion, reinforced by tailored training offering people the building blocks to comfortable communication in any situation, can revolutionise the productivity and attitude of your teams and remove these barriers, enabling groups with different backgrounds to work in relative harmony, with greater tolerance and appreciation of the innate strengths, value and opportunities of different approaches and life goals.


ENGAGE... INFORM.... EMBED are the three vital building blocks which inform the way I approach training and coaching.

Focussing on the use of verbal communication to

  • ignite sales

  • increase repeat business  

  • inspire teams


I work with companies on their premises to deliver one day sessions with a clear business driven outcome, whether it’s

  • increasing your telephone sales conversions and improving customer satisfaction,

  • helping your new leaders to get the best results from their people or

  • recruiting and inducting the right staff.


Tailored to the outcomes you need and with me speaking your company’s language, the sessions are run in small groups of up to four around a meeting table. Materials to make notes of key points are provided.

I employ a focussed yet conversational style (Engage) which invites discussion about the reality rather than theoretical scenarios. Offer solutions and tips and discuss blocks to applying the new or revisited ideas back in the work place (Inform). I then follow up with everyone til they are able to make changes which the company are looking for (Embed).

Impact and a demonstrable return on investment can be delivered in one day of Helen Thomson’s tailored in house training. Focussing on the points which impact profitability – sales, customer service and efficient internal communication, as well as productivity – recruitment of the right people for your organisation, passionate leaders running winning teams, clear corporate cultural messages which staff want to embrace, identify with and be happy to be associated with, the training can be delivered in a painless form with minimum disruption and maximum impact. 

In addition to the initial no obligation, client consultation meeting, the respectful and empathetic delivery includes contact with every attendee prior to the session and unlimited post course follow up and evaluation, as well as a personalised manual and the delivery of the training, all by Helen herself. This ‘one stop shop’ ensures consistency and clarity of message and transformational change within the organisation.

To find out more about how I work, please click here

To get in touch to discuss the issues your company would like to see change, please click here

You don't need to have a clear idea of the solution, just being aware that there is a potential problem is enough - I love uncovering solutions!

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