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I am currently running two members only pages - both focussing on the specific needs of women - in the music business and also for all women with regards to the issues which affect them. Primarily the development of their relationship with themselves and their relationships with others. I wish it was not necessary, but it is, and I am fed up of being politically correct and pretending that it's a level playing field. There's things that I can do to help people get more joy and personal satisfaction in their lives and while some of these elements can also relate to men, as a woman, I have chosen to focus for now on the needs of women.

The pages are free to join and require email or social media sign up.

Hope to see your name in my email box :)

Live Your Dream

This page is about enabling people, particularly women, to shine. I wish it was not necessary for this to even need to be 'a thing'. But it is. And not everyone agrees with me. But I am fed up of sitting on the fence. I have something to offer and I want to share what I know.

I would like to help women in particular :

  • Get rid of self limiting and self fulfilling belief systems by exploring key issues which predominantly stem from stereotypes and insidious prejudice.

  • To help decode confusing and at times contradictory messages which come our way.

  • To help women find their voice, live in their power and love their life.

This page is not meant to turn into an angsty place. It's intended to be a place to share difficulties and lessons from life experience so no one feels alone.

It should be read with a sense of humour and an open mind.

In the first instance it will be thought pieces but this will develop into a presentable/coachable framework for behavioural change.

What do you want?

  • To be able to express what you want when you want?

  • To be comfortable in any social situation? to avoid being socially awkward or having social anxiety?

  • To be able to inspire others by your example?

  • Be comfortable in the knowledge that it’s ok to be at peace with imperfection (whilst being honest about where your strengths and challenges lie and becoming non defensive, ie less prickly/ sensitive)?

  • To surround yourself with, and attract like minded people into your life?


Would these enable you to

  • Repel needy and manipulative people naturally (because they will sense you are not their prey)

  • Make decisions which work for you, but not to the detriment of others

  • Accepting yourself as good enough. But not being complacent about the opportunities to get to know yourself better

  • Feel more at peace with the world, successfully managing anxiety 

  • Develop an ‘anything is possible’ mentality. Free of fear. Full of love.

Then please click on the members only page here and sign in for more life hacks. Forget the small talk, let's discuss what really matters!!

stand up and be counted

I feel very strongly that the ratios of women to men in many of the areas within the music business should change. Only 16% of songs registered with PRS for Music are by women, 30% of executives are women, less than 5% are label bosses, less than 4% are record producers. 

I have a successful independent record label (Folkstock Records) which I have run since 2013 with no previous experience of the music industry and my award winning producer is a woman, (Lauren Deakin Davies) I predominantly release and support/ mentor female artists.

I released an all female album in 2015 to draw attention to the stats of women in music, and organised and promoted a series of workshops and gigs with Kal Lavelle and Fiona Bevan in 2015 called Song Sisters and have been supported in that mission by Tom Robinson, our Patron Peggy Seeger, The Sunday Times Culture Magazine and many other blogs and reviewers.

The just published UK Music report (27th September) challenges the status quo on what is an extremely contentious issue.


I realise with clarity that I have skills I can share and present which could be of use to the women who are in the music business or which could encourage those who are considering it to explore it further. 

A combination of life visions and communication skills coaching which empower.

They are not Americanised, they are drawn from my 51 years of life experience.

They are heavy on practical application and light on debilitating theory.

Please click here to sign in to this page and join the debate!

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