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How I help you deliver an ROI with minimum disruption & maximum effect 


  • Telephone conversation to establish contact and potential needs

  • Face to face meeting at your place of work

  • Creation of course outline

  • Creation of course manual 

  • Contact with each attendee prior to the session

  • Delivery of the training

  • Post course follow up with each attendee

  • Telephone and email support for everyone for as long as they need, to help embed the new ideas and deal with any issues with application back at their desk.

  • What is discussed in the session is confidential 'what happens on tour, stays on tour!' but you are welcome to discuss any key concerns with behaviour change if these occur post training.

  • I welcome feedback from you about how the training has been received and implemented and I will show you how to use the manuals to their full potential for new skill adoption. You can do so much yourself to make sure the training is a great investment of your hard won profits.

  • Training is billed on the basis of the delivery.

  • Everything above included in that one off payment.  


The sessions are usually delivered on site in a small meeting room.

I just need a table and up to five chairs.

Ideally I will have spoken to all participants on the phone before the session, which increases buy in (and attendance)and ensures that I know what they want out of it.


I follow up after as well and everyone is encouraged to contact me for as long as is needed to help the new ideas see the light of day.

Just to reiterate, there's no extra charge for this. It can make all the difference however, to the effectiveness of the session and your ROI.

Ideal timings would be 10.30 -3.30pm so that the delegates can take time to deal with their workload before and after the course and avoids mounting and distracting anxiety about what they may return to, to help them avoid overwhelm. They can also deal with any urgent messages in the brief 30 min lunch break. I feel this is very important and sometimes they come back and tell the group they've already used something from the morning!

I have a lot of success with small group coaching. Working with four people in a group, all sitting round a table at the same ‘status’ level, I work through a series of steps which gradually build a better outcome for the issues being addressed. Sometimes you need to break down the preconceptions before you can re build the skill set. This is done gently and carefully, with precision and attention on my part.

One of the ways I help ensure that what I am offering gets embedded is to avoid as much as possible the 'theory', so everything is related to the frustrating situations people are facing day in day out, so to achieve this, I developed a delivery style which has been branded as conversational with a relaxed feel, allowing me to spend the right amount of time on each topic area to engender understanding on key building blocks which will become pillars of behavioural change.


It appears free flowing and less structured to the delegates, but it is in fact carefully choreographed to cover the relevant points and uncover the blocks to progress. Solutions are also presented and discussed with any concerns about implementation addressed in the session. Your staff are encouraged to email any specific issues post session, or speak to me directly, until they are comfortable using the new or refreshed skills.

It's all very well being fired up after a session but if the transition into the 'real world' is not handled thoroughly, it can mean that only one or two ideas, at best, make it into a behavioural difference.

Every session is slightly different as all attendees are different. It is certainly an intense and challenging environment for a trainer but that's what keeps me on my toes!

More information about this can be found here

Do you have a question? please get in touch by clicking here

Putting the new skills to work

I welcome feedback from you about how the training has been received and encourage you and your line managers to use the manuals to their full potential. Getting your people to talk you through and explain the points covered in the manual, is a great way to embed the ideas and concepts, In fact, if you are not doing this after every training session you are in danger of your staff thinking 'ok that was nice, but back to reality' and almost ignoring many of the tips. It's the easy solution, its not deliberate, but people tend to take the line of least resistance. It's human nature. You can do so much yourself to make sure the training is a great investment of your hard won profits. Click here to get in touch to discuss this on a free, no obligation basis.

All courses are written to address your specific issues and so there are no standard course outlines. This your chance to create a course based on what you need the changes to be. Pick 'n' Mix if you will. There is no extra cost for this. I love doing it. It is what makes the training so effective. You don't need to come to me with a clear needs analysis, I am happy to work with you to uncover the potential solutions.

I generally aim to make a difference in one day. Sometimes a cluster of skills is best delivered over two or three days, but I make them 'self standing' so your people can start to use the first day immediately. With perhaps a week in between the remaining days. This also means you can start the next session with a discussion about what worked and what didn't and make the base knowledge solid.

The nature of the delivery means that I do not 'blast with science' hoping that people take away 'one idea' to justify the session. I want it all to be useful and incorporated. 

So much of 'people skills' training is about non assumptive attitudes, understanding of others and giving a reason to really pay attention to what is being said, including clues from behaviour in general.




As a result, my training is often seen as group 'coaching' as I work hard to uncover blocks and preconceptions about the training - most people feel vulnerable in a 'training' session and, naturally do not want to be 'shown up' in front of colleages. I work very hard to remove this threat, to create a safe environment, as it is when people open up about what is really happening, what is really hoping them back, that the transformations and 'penny drop' moments can happen.


Sometimes it's blocks to the topic under consideration. For example, many people have an underlying resistance to cold or warm calling, feel awkward about doing it but make themselves do it as it earns them a living. This creates a residual stress level which means anxiety is never far away. Preconceptions about 'sales people' abound and are not always positive. Good sales people are like gold dust. As you well know. Those individuals who seem to make people WANT to buy from them. The good news is that these skills can be learnt - and I love training them!


Essential Communication Skills might cover these areas in one day, just to give you a reference point.

Courses can also have titles which you feel will appeal to your staff, we want them to feel enabled and not like they need corrective action!

I write and supply training manuals with supporting material for your session. There's contact with everyone attending before and after the session. All of these costs are free of charge, you just pay for the training delivery.


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