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Confident communication increases profit

Customer Service Skills

"Some of our people will do anything to avoid talking on the phone. Things which could be sorted In a few mins on the phone are taking an age with back and forth emails. I fear it’s affecting productivity."

"There’s no real rapport with the customers, it’s all about the messages. I am concerned that there is no relationship developing which is potentially compromising customer loyalty, which is shaky as it is in this business climate".

Making life a bit easier, making 'real time' communication comfortable & effective

Customer service staff face challenging situations all the time. Some are dealing with inbound enquiries they need to convert, either on the phone or face to face, others also deal with customer issues and complaints.


It's a really skilled role requiring compassion and kindness.


Many bright people are attracted to these roles and are good, but with a bit of coaching could be brilliant at it, converting more enquiries and turning an unhappy customer into your next ambassador!

If you would like to discuss whether I might be able to help your customer facing staff get joy and satisfaction from their roles in a one day course, you could email me (

and we can arrange to have a phone conversation initially, followed by my visiting your office if you want to progress it further, with a no obligation meeting.

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