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WHO is Helen Froggett-Thomson?

All training is devised, written and delivered by me, Helen Froggett-Thomson, a multi award winning business entrepreneur in my own right. I am not a 'trained' trainer, I am someone who

shares over thirty years experience in business, as both the MD at the sharp end and have unusually 'walked the walk' simultaneously as an award winning in house trainer 

which I have been doing since 1989.

I run tailored sales and business growth training sessions in small businesses and believe in helping people find their purpose using compassion, clarity and kindness. I am especially keen to develop a safe, supportive coaching arena to increase confidence and enhance sales, marketing and business leadership skills.

This is the relatively 'factual' information page but if you are interested in a narrative 'story' please click here

I have knowledge of a range of concepts, systems, tools and knowledge borne from experience and can call upon them with objectivity and creativity to help businesses become or remain the respected leaders in their field.

  • I launched my in-house, tailored training company 30 years ago after gaining top marks in the Institute of Employment Consultants Recruitment Practice Examination.

  • Over that time I have won numerous business and personal achievement awards including Hertfordshire Businesswoman of the Year in 1990

  • I was on the very first team of Investors In People Assessors in 1992, and so can draw on many years of diverse experience including corporate consultancy, KPI analysis, induction, review and evaluation systems, devised and embedded mainly for SME's

  • I have established an enviable reputation for personally crafting and delivering creative and highly effective training solutions which span a varied range of change and development requirements with robust experience distilled over the years


I've been told I am something of an enigma, and have attracted attention from academia. Dr Linda Wilks at the Open University requested to study my leadership of a major project for a year to conduct an in depth study on the 'secret of my success' in two key areas surrounding an ambitious community interest company (CIC) I set up in 2013. The resulting papers were published in academic journals and have been presented at lectures at Universities, both for Brand Management and Social Media Marketing as well as Leadership, whereupon an exciting new model was conceived around the vital concepts of Inspiring, Caring & Sharing and Delivery. More about this here

I am now in a position to share the elements which can help your company achieve the results it is dreaming of! If you think there might be a fit between my skills and approach and your goals, I would love to hear from you!

With Sir John Harvey Jones, 1992


Sir John Harvey Jones, 1999


Lovely to know you are still firing on all cylinders, hope our paths cross again in the not too distant future

Awards and Nominations

1989 - Institute of Employment Consultants Highest marks in Recruitment Practice exam

1990 - Businesswoman of the Year from the Hertfordshire Business Awards

1991 - Innovation Award Commendation from the Hertfordshire Business Awards

1992 - Business Personality of the Year Commendation for Herts Bus Awards

1992 - Outstanding Young Person of the Year Award from British Junior Chamber 

1997 - Business Person of the Year (Runner up) in North Herts Business Awards

2002 - Against the Odds Certificate of Merit North Herts Business Awards

2002 - Business Personality of the Year Certificate of Merit (NH Bus Awards)

2013 - Best New Festival finalist in UK Festival Awards

2013 - Business Personality of the Year Finalist in Archant Herts Business Awards

2013 - Business in the Community Finalist in Archant Herts Business Awards

2014 - Outstanding Contribution Finalist for Creative Hertfordshire Flame Awards

2018 - Finalist in the Biz4Biz Awards for Best Employment Service

2020 - Shortlisted in the Biz4Biz Awards for Best Employment Service and Business                             Service of the Year

In the beginning...

Helen Froggett-Thomson

Gaining top marks in the first Professional Recruitment Skills examination in 1988, directly led me onto an unexpected path, as I was invited to share my knowledge all over the UK and into Europe. Just 22 at the time, I launched Thomson Training in 1989 to 'productise' my USP and with a well thought through marketing plan and a clear idea of the niche where I could help companies most, I was personally billing over £100,000 after 18 months.

With a classic 'one woman band' mentality, I chose to do all the marketing as well as delivery myself and this attracted attention in the form of awards and I enjoyed contacting publications to write columns, op eds, 'how to' and advice pieces. This is a route to marketing which I have maintained throughout my 30 years in business and has brought with it many public speaking opportunities as well as being involved in important national projects from inception, such as Investors in People and NVQ's.

Keen to see the recruitment industry, which is where I had started this journey, demonstrate provable professionalism, I was instrumental in creating an NVQ lead committee after contacting Michael Howard personally, in 1992.

I had met Michael when he awarded her Hertfordshire Businesswoman of the Year on behalf of the TEC in 1990 and ever the networker, had no issue with writing to his office.

I also contacted and spent many hours in the company of 'Trouble shooter' Sir John Harvey Jones, whom I admired immensely. One memorable afternoon I was allowed to gently interview him which makes for very interesting reading!

Setting up and getting involved in new projects in both the commercial and charity sectors have kept me relevant, current and enthralled and I am now excited to be able to combine all my experiences and share my knowledge to increase passion, performance, productivity and profits in your company.

If you would like to talk to me to see if I might 

be able to help your business, please get in touch.

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