Wondering what your options are? this flowchart above should help.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about your personal

position, would be really pleased to help. Helen@thomsontraining.com

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Are you a small business looking for advice?
an anxious sole trader or working from home unexpectedly?
I hope you find the flowchart with the options for government support laid out. I designed it on behalf of The Accountancy Practice in Royston, Herts who are one of my clients.
Do you need to work out what to do in this crisis to keep your business going, or perhaps you have no option other than
dormancy til this is over ? 
If you are able to focus on the business (with all the other elements of your life competing for attention) you might want to use this time to check up on your company values and a vision for the future.
Perhaps update your branding, message, PR?
These things take time. If you want to discuss them (no fee) please get in touch. Would be very happy to hear from you.
I've been fortunate to be commissioned for some articles in these strange times. Initially, writing as a homeworker, with and without children, these have developed into leadership pieces for managing a team working from home and now, steps to stay sane!
I've also been invited onto a couple of local radio stations -
North Herts Radio, Wey Valley Radio and Cambridge 105.
25 Steps to steer clear of stir crazy
Homeworking - tried and tested tips 
I'm busy writing features which will hopefully help.
Please visit my blog for the latest articles
Here's some recent features which have been published in March 2020 - more detail can be found
on the press and radio page
Balancing childcare and WFH pt 2
Interview on North Herts Radio
Remote managing tips for WFH
Compassion in Conflict in The Sticks
Government grants pt1
Government grants pt 2
Love in the time of cholera in Listing Magazine
Balancing childcare and WFH pt 1
Comet WFH with kids
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Prior to Coronavirus...

This is what I did 'BC' and I am sure we'll all be there again. Just don't know when! 

Original Welcome page, before Coronavirus...

I get excited by helping sales people learn to love selling, leaders love leading and your staff love working for and with your business.

I am an accelerator, speeding up the process of effective customer attraction, conversion and retention, helping your business get where you want it to go, faster.

I have spent thirty years designing and delivering one day in house training sessions in small groups to SME's, and picked up awards and accolades along the way. Why? I've been told it's my passion for the topics I train in and my enthusiastic 'non lecturing' delivery style.  And because I've resisted 'scaling up' - you get me every step of the way, what you see is what you get: initial visit, writing the material, speaking to your people ahead of a session, delivering and following up. 100% consistency, no palming off to other trainers to deliver.

But I don't rest on my laurels. Awards are lovely but it's important to stress that each client is unique, each requires a fresh start and a fresh perspective. And that is what I am offering you. 

A fresh pair of eyes, a dynamic, personable, non judgmental manner and quick results, if this appeals please click here to find out more about my tailored one day in house training sessions


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Government grants pt 2

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