What now? Where do we go from here? questions being asked by most businesses who are having to refocus and consolidate resources as the lockdown eases and business slowly emerges.

Clearly it is not the case that we 'pick up where we left off'. For many the whole landscape has changed. Business plans are going to need to be rewritten, contracts of employment reassessed, roles revisited, marketing message, social media and branding reviewed, overheads re-analysed and sales re-forecast. It's almost like starting over for many.

And having someone to talk this through with, who is unbiased, free of cost and supportive is a luxury many would benefit from.

Which is why this new mentoring scheme has been launched (July 2020). Have you considered using a executive coach/mentor?

Perhaps this free to access scheme, with up to six months support, will be a benefit to you and your business?

This new volunteer mentor scheme is free to business owners in Hertfordshire. Providing up to six months free mentoring, this scheme is the brain child of University of Hertfordshire and the Herts LEP in association with Hertfordshire Growth Hub.

If you would like to find out more please use this link

I am delighted to be consultant to a team of 25 volunteers and also happy to be matched to any businesses who feel that my experience could help them.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about this, would be really pleased to help. Helen@thomsontraining.com

What else can I offer to help your business with recovery?

You might be looking for a specific injection of targeted action. I specialise in providing one day courses, generally to a small group of up to four, with maximum impact and minimum disruption to workflow. Oh and did I mention the money back guarantee? if you don't get what you need from working together, I will give you your money back. It's important for you not to feel exposed financially. And it makes me a better trainer as I have to agree outcomes properly with you. 

What areas am I passionate about? Sales, leadership and marketing, in a nutshell.

You might be wondering about your customers, who are they and where are they now? And more importantly how to reach them.

You may have questions regarding remote management and how to make sure your team are delivering what you need, even if some of them are at more than arm's reach. What people need from leaders has changed and a gentle prod in the right direction can make all the difference.

You may be aware that your brand and message pre covid is not quite right for now. And could do some updating, in as simple and speedy fashion as possible. What is your why? and have your values changed? does your business reflect you and your vision? I can guide you through this, simply and efficiently.

You may have thought about your sales approach and how it might need to be modified to be more in step with how the land lies now. You may also want to encourage all staff to act as 'mini sales people' and this may not sit right with them. Let me help give them soft selling skills.

I can help with all these areas. It's what I've done for over thirty years.

Please click here to read more or email me on helen@thomsontraining.com or give me a call on 07969 249286 anytime.

I get excited when I am helping sales people learn to love selling, leaders love leading and your staff love working for and with your business.

I am an accelerator, speeding up the process of effective customer attraction, conversion and retention, helping your business get where you want it to go, faster.

I have spent thirty years designing and delivering one day in house training sessions in small groups to SME's, and picked up awards and accolades along the way.

Why? I've been told it's my passion for the topics I train in and my enthusiastic 'non lecturing' delivery style. 

And because I've resisted 'scaling up' - you get me every step of the way, what you see is what you get: initial visit/online conversation, writing the material, speaking to your people ahead of a session, delivering and following up (whether on zoom or in person). 100% consistency, no palming off to other trainers to deliver.

But I don't rest on my laurels. Awards are lovely but it's important to stress that each client is unique, each requires a fresh start and a fresh perspective. And that is what I am offering you. 

A fresh pair of eyes, a dynamic, personable, non judgmental manner and quick results, if this appeals please click here to find out more about my tailored one day in house training sessions

During the last few months of 2020 (March to July) I was fortunate to be commissioned for some articles covering a wide range of 'Covid' coping topics. 
I've also been invited onto a couple of local radio stations -
North Herts Radio, Wey Valley Radio and Cambridge 105.
I'm busy writing features which will hopefully help.
Please visit my blog for the latest articles
Here's some recent features which have been published in March 2020 - more detail can be found
on the press and radio page
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