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Are you a small business looking for advice?
or a slightly anxious sole trader or working from home unexpectedly?
Do you need to work out what to do in this crisis whilst being true to your values and vision?
I'm a homeworker, have been for 30 years so want to share my tips
Homeworking - tried and tested tips 
I'm busy writing features which will hopefully help.
Please visit my blog for the latest articles

This is what I did 'before' and I am sure we'll all be there again. Just know when! 

I get excited by helping sales people learn to love selling, leaders love leading and your staff love working for and with your business.

I am an accelerator, speeding up the process of effective customer attraction, conversion and retention, helping your business get where you want it to go, faster.

I have spent thirty years designing and delivering one day in house training sessions in small groups to SME's, and picked up awards and accolades along the way. Why? I've been told it's my passion for the topics I train in and my enthusiastic 'non lecturing' delivery style.  And because I've resisted 'scaling up' - you get me every step of the way, what you see is what you get: initial visit, writing the material, speaking to your people ahead of a session, delivering and following up. 100% consistency, no palming off to other trainers to deliver.

But I don't rest on my laurels. Awards are lovely but it's important to stress that each client is unique, each requires a fresh start and a fresh perspective. And that is what I am offering you. 

A fresh pair of eyes, a dynamic, personable, non judgemental manner and quick results, if this appeals please click here to find out more about my tailored one day in house training sessions


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